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Each UK household produces over a tonne of rubbish annually, amounting to 31 million tonnes for the UK. At this rate we are simply running out of space!

Inkjet cartridges

Of around 60 million inkjet cartridges used each year only about 10% are recycled. This means that 57 million cartridges end up in landfill sites or are incinerated. Inkjet cartridges take a thousand years to decompose.

Mobile phones

There is a growing mountain of over 15 million discarded mobile phones each year in the UK. More than 15 million consumers upgrade their phones with accessories such as batteries and chargers. This equates to 1,500 tonnes of potentially hazardous landfill every year.


Please help the environment and help us by sending your old ink cartridges and mobile phones. We can raise money by arranging for them to be recycled. Items that can't be recycled are safely disposed of. Please send to Fundraising, Outreach 3 Way, Ifield Avenue, Ifield, Crawley, West Sussex RH11 0JX or call Fundraising on 01293 594248 to arrange collection.