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o3w-icon-fundraising.jpgSwitch utilities - save money and raise money!



Want to make your bills make a difference?

We've joined a great scheme which means that up to 5% of your household bills will be donated to Outreach 3 Way. What do you have to do? Nothing! Well - you have to make a phone call. And then - nothing!

One phone call and then we'll be raising money every time you switch on the TV, cook dinner, text a friend or check your emails. And at the same time you'll be saving money on your bills! They guarantee their services will always be competitively priced against other suppliers; and most customers who switch make substantial savings compared to their current suppliers.

The scheme's run by the Utility Warehouse Discount Club, part of Telecom plus PLC, one of the UK's leading public companies. They provide over 200,000 UK homes and businesses with everyday utilities, like phone, internet, mobile phone, electricity and gas.

Here's how it works: join the Utility Warehouse as a customer, and they give up to 5% of your bill to us, every month. That's it!
It's easy to join. Just call 0800 1313000 quoting our appeal number D51471 and they will talk you through the process. It costs you nothing...in fact it could save you a lot!

Please join in and make a difference! Call 0800 1313 000 quoting D51471 today.